Alfred Döblin Prize

The Alfred Döblin Prize was donated by Günter Grass in 1979. The Akademie der Künste and the Berlin Literary Colloquium jointly award the prize every two years, either in May or June. The prize amounts to 10,000 Euros - 15,000 Euros and is awarded for a long and still uncompleted prose manuscript in accordance with the founder’s intention.

An independent three-member jury nominates six authors from the applications to present their texts in the Literary Colloquium in workshop readings not open to the public and to engage in debate. Directly following this, the jurors select the winner. The next day, the award is presented during a public matinee in the Akademie der Künste.

A minimum of fifty pages of previously unpublished prose text shall be submitted. An exposé on the project and curriculum vitae with a biography are also expected.

Applications and further details: Berlin Literary Colloquium

The current laureate Jan Kuhlbrodt

Jan Kuhlbrodt, laureate 2023, together with Nathalie Mälzer and Ingo Schulze at the award ceremony on 7 May 2023.

Deniz Utlu, laureate 2021, at his speech on Alfred Döblin during the award ceremony on 7 May 2023.


1979  Gerold Späth
1980  Klaus Hoffer
1982  Gert Hofmann
1983  Gerhard Roth
1985  Stefan Schütz
1987  Libuse Moníková
1989  Edgar Hilsenrath, Einar Schleef
1991  Peter Kurzeck, Förderpreis: Norbert Bleisch
1993  Reinhard Jirgl, Förderpreis Andreas Neumeister
1995  Katja Lange-Müller, Förderpreis: Ingo Schulze
1997  Ingomar von Kieseritzky, Michael Wildenhain
1999  Norbert Gstrein
2001  Josef Winkler, Förderpreis: Heike Geißler
2003  Kathrin Groß-Striffler
2005  Jan Faktor
2007  Michael Kumpfmüller
2009  Eugen Ruge
2011  Jan Peter Bremer
2013  Saša Stanišić
2015  Natascha Wodin
2017  María Cecilia Barbetta
2019  Ulrich Woelk
2021  Deniz Utlu
2023  Jan Kuhlbrodt